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Discover Freistadt, Wisconsin
Discover Ozaukee County is a new feature we are trying to develop into a regular series. Here we will explore little know areas of the county but we will need your help! Please let your friends & family know about this project and submit their suggestions and ideas via email. Check back often and follow us on Facebook for updates! Our first discovery is Freistadt, WI.
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Freistadt is a quaint, idyllic location which is now technically part of the City of Mequon, generally located in the area of Granville Road and Freistadt Road. The community's name means "free city" in German.  Originally in the Town of Mequon, the area was added to the City of Mequon through annexation. The community was founded in October 1839 by 20 German families who immigrated to the United States to escape religious persecution. The community was home to the first Lutheran church in Wisconsin.  In 1845, the synod, later known as the Lutheran Buffalo Synod, was organized here. (Through mergers the Buffalo Synod became a part of the American Lutheran Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). The church in Freistadt became a part of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod in 1848. The present stone church was built in 1884. The historical marker was erected in 1959, the same year that the black and white photo was taken. If you have more information about Freistadt or an idea for our next location, please let us know!
Church as it looks today
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