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Posted Thursday, June 4, 2015
Chrysler’s compact car The all new Chrysler 100
Chrysler has a compact car coming down the pipeline, the Chrysler 100 is most likely previewed by the “Fiat Aegean” concept sedan, shown in May 2015.  It is the first compact sedan made on the new SUSW (“Small US Wide”) platform/architecture, and the Chrysler 100 is to be the first compact Chrysler sold in the United States since the end of the K-car era. The Fiat version is expected to have small engines (95 to 120 horsepower), but the Chrysler version is generally expected to have a choice of the 2.4 liter or 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engines, both developed in Auburn Hills from the “World Gas Engine” project.  The 2.4 is currently good for around 184 horsepower, and the 2.0 is expected to end up at around 220-260 horsepower. It’s possible that, due to the small size of the car, there will be an “Aero” version with a Fiat 500 engine, or an inexpensive version with the 2.0 that’s the Dart’s base engine. Given the lower weight of the compact car, the 2.0 would probably be more than enough for most buyers. According to the enthusiast website; Allpar.com, the car is expected to have the first nine-speed automatic  transmission in its class.  The automatic is conjecture but is very likely given the use of the transmission in the product lineup Quick fact: This car was created by 2,000 people over a three year period. The Fiat version has a steering wheel and gauge cluster design that bear a striking resemblance to recent Chrysler designs. The Fiat version will be made in Turkey, but the American version is more likely to have domestic production. Stay tuned to Schmit Bros. News for updates on the all new Chrysler 100!
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